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UFC 4 Community Backlash Following Latest Update

On Wednesday, EA released the newest and largest fighter update for UFC 4. Along with fine-tuning various exploited moves, EA added Action Bronson to the game. Following the update, fans have vocalized their discontent with the direction of UFC 4.

UFC 4 “Fighter” Update with no Fighter

The various fixes of exploits within the game could not save UFC 4 from the wrath of fans. They are wondering of all people, why Action Bronson made the cut as an additional fighter. After all, he is a rapper not an MMA fighter. Additionally, fans are upset about the lack of top 15 fighters and fan-favorite fighters in the game.

EA UFC YouTubers Martial Mind and Pryoxis and others feel Action Bronson’s spot could have been given to an actual fighter. Pryoxis, along with other people, don’t even know who Bronson is. Some are calling it unnecessary, and feel it is a reflection of how seriously EA takes the product. One fan even pointed out that elbows on the ground are not a part of the game.

Fan calling Action Bronson addition unnecessary
Fan calling for ranked fighters Marlon “Chito” Vera and Islam Mackachev

YouTuber Mr. Humbledink Gaming compiled a list of the top 15 fighters of different divisions currently not featured in UFC 4. Some of those names include Sean Strickland, Islam Makachev, and Paul Craig. As of now, EA has not commented on the backlash. If this fighter update is the last, EA has left a sour taste in the mouths of fans. Since EA took over the UFC game license, fans have wanted developers to add big features like Pride mode. The closest to it is the Kumite on UFC 4, which has mixed reviews. 

However, EA is gearing up for the July 22 showcase, so UFC will most likely take a backseat to Madden and FIFA. In other words, we will have to wait and see if EA addresses this backlash. 

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Jason Worth
Jason Worth
2 months ago

I bet they won’t. But I must ask, WHY? Why add in Action Bronson as a character? Is he like, a fan of MMA or something? I checked his Wikipedia page and it says NOTHING about it!
And another thing, what’s the point on extending the deal if EA are going to treat this series like this!? I would’ve shut off the contract if I was Dana White.

Last edited 2 months ago by Jason Worth
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