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EA Sports E3 2021

What To Expect From EA Sports During E3

Electronic Arts’ e3 2021 showcase will be a virtual event this year and will offer free access to all, from June 12th-June 15th. Anticipation is rising as EA Sports is sure to have a lot to announce and reveal. They are guaranteed to take up significant real estate this year, giving us a better look at all the latest installments across its portfolio of sports simulation titles.

What to Expect From EA Sports at E3 2021

The EA Sports division is always striving for increased visual fidelity, and e3 2021 will be our chance to see what the studios are pushing for with PS5, Xbox Series X, and the ever-improving Frostbite engine. Expect to hear plenty of explanations about how development teams are evolving each new entry in their respective franchises, alongside more information about release dates, platforms, and pre-order details.

Expect to hear updates and snippets from the upcoming titles Fifa 22, PGA Tour, and Madden 22. Also, expect to hear news about their recent acquisitions and what they mean going forward.

EA Sports has been busy when it comes to expansion and acquiring other popular sports developers recently. This will be the first public opportunity for EA to really give us details on what they plan on doing with all of the new acquisitions, with the next opportunity being the EA Play event in July.

Expansion News

EA Sports has been very busy expanding their covered games with recent acquisitions. This means the production of more than their highly popular simulation-style games. Those franchises such as Madden will still be a key focus, but the production of arcade-style games such as Super Mega Baseball is imminent. The expansion of Super Mega Baseball into other sports is a real possibility as arcade-style popularity rises.

While nothing has been confirmed on that front, we do know a new Super Mega Baseball will be coming in the future. It will also be the first one under the EA Sports name. Expect some type of announcement on what they have in store moving forward on their rumored “EA BIG” type of game line.

What excites you most about what EA Sports has in store and what do you expect or want to hear from them during e3? Let us know in the comments below.

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