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Xbox August Update Gives Ability to Stream in 1080p 60FPS


We wrote in our July 29th article about the great new streaming feature with Windows 10. The latest news about the feature is that Xbox has now given gamers the ability to enjoy this feature in 1080p and 60fps. In order to enjoy this feature you have to go to the Xbox app on Windows 10, and change the video encoding level to Very High. (Settings > Game Streaming > Very High)

That’s not the only new feature in this month’s update.

  • Right Click – When right clicking on one of your friends you can select to either Send them a Message or Invite them to a Party.
  • Notifications – You now have the option to enable or disable notifications for Party & Game Invites. (Settings > General > Party & Games Invitations)
  • Recently Played – An animated display will show how many friends have played each game in the list, the four most recent players, and Gamerscores and Achievement percentage complete.
  • Achievement Comparison – There is now the ability to compare your achievements to your friends from the Game Hub page. (Achievements > Compare)
  • My Games – Your system games are stored in a grid by alphabetical order. You can search for games by clicking on the letter they start with.
  • Add Games – You can also manually add games to your collection. (My Games > Add a game from your PC)

The updated also addressed some issues around the sign-in, localization and game streaming issues reported by Windows 10 users. This is an update that should automatically occur. To check and make sure you received it the version number should be 8.8.6000.00000 or higher. Go to the Xbox App and select Settings and then General.

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Nate Hand
6 years ago

@Xbox that doesn’t make any sense though. The system itself plays almost all games at 720p30fps