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Xbox Scorpio Even More Powerful Than Previously Thought?

Project Scorpio

Project Scorpio is going to make your games look better than ever.

That is, if the latest report is to be believed.

According to Windows Central, the new Microsoft console will give prominent advantages to those users owning a 4K TV, although users with a 1080p tv set or monitor will have benefits as well.

1080p sets will benefit from a better quality of the image, mainly getting smoother shadows and edges, as the more powerful hardware will invest its resources in that, rather than coping with the bigger resolution. Moreover, this older sets will get more quality in the graphic compartment mostly thanks to the supersampling technology.

With that being said, most benefits will be given to the users with a 4K TV or monitor, especially considering the features of the upcoming console — 6 teraflops, and and 8-core CPU. A good number of titles are already on a native 4K resolution, but it is to be expected that with the technology shift, more and more games will be offered with these capabilities.

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio will feature a 4K Blu-ray player, with HDMI 2.0a with Wide Color Gamut and HDR. Microsoft still didn’t give out a final release date, but it is still announced for a generic “Holiday 2017”.

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