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Xbox Series X Revealed

The next Xbox officially has a name, and it’s Xbox Series X.

Microsoft revealed the Xbox Series X, the next generation of the Xbox system, during The Game Awards 2019 in Los Angeles on Thursday night.

The system was officially revealed in a trailer on the show before Xbox’s Phil Spencer made his way to the stage. He spoke about the power of the next console, which, let’s be honest, looks more just like a desktop PC tower than a console. He then introduced a look at  Ninja Theory’s Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga, a game being built specifically for the next generation of systems.

Spencer added that the new system is the “fastest most powerful Xbox” ever built. He also claimed that 15 first-party studios are working on games for the new system while the console will set a new bar for game performance and speed

What’s New?

Obviously, a lot is new with the Xbox Series X. First, the system, as mentioned, ditches the traditional look for a tower-style designed. In an interview from Gamespot, the system is about as wide as an Xbox One controller when standing up.

Speaking of the controller, though it looks largely the same there is a lot new to it. On the outside, the only real addition is that of a share button in the middle of the device; the d-pad has also seen an improvement. Inside the controller, it will feature lower input lag and more control than current controllers.

Circling back to the look of the system, Spencer stated that the design was done to help the system blend in with entertainment centers. He also stated that the design was done to make the system as quiet as possible even with all of the extra power build in. Most of the air will be pushed through the top of the system.

When it comes to the name of the system, all signs point to it being the beginning of another series, hence Series X, of Xbox consoles much like the Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Obviously, that’s looking far into the unconfirmed future, but it’s not out of the round of possibility.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X launches Holiday 2020. No other details regarding price or actual system specs were announced in the reveal.

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