Feb 26, 2021
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Get NBA 2K20, WWE 2K20, and More for $20

NBA 2K20 Sale

If you’re stuck at home and you’ve found yourself wondering what to play, then this may be exactly what you’re looking for.

From now through Tuesday, April 28, Humble Bundle is offering a 2K Games pack for PC gamers that includes a number of sports games.

For $20, you can get the full 2K’s Game Together bundle that includes The Golf Club 2019, NBA Playgrounds 2, WWE 2K20 and NBA 2K20. All of the games are redeemed on Steam via a Steam code.

If you want to know more about any of the above games, you can check out our reviews for them at the following links:

For those of you who also enjoy non-sports games, the bundle also includes Civilization III complete, Spec Ops: The Line, BioShock: The Collection, and more.


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