F1 2019 is out, and we here at SGO will give you a look at what to expect in this year’s installment.

F1 2019

If you wanted to see what it’s like to be a Formula 1 driver, then look no further to F1 2019. The popular racing franchise is back for 2019, and the development team at Codemasters has made some major improvements to this year’s game.

F1 2019 features much more realism to the racing experience, as the development team added realistic atmospheric haze, as well as improving the lighting effects in the game and refining track details.

Gamers can also for the first time personalize their own regulation car for Mulitplayer mode and challenge friends or other players in their very own custom car. If multiplayer isn’t for you, gamers can also race in the Championship and Grand Prix modes and test their skills against a challenging AI.

F1 2019 Review

SGO Editor-In-Chief Mike Straw reviewed a copy of F1 2019, so check out the video down below, or at this link on our site.

SGO F1 2019 Giveaway

In conjunction with the release of the game, SGO will be giving away F1 2019 codes, so be sure to check us out on social media to make sure you don’t miss a chance at winning a copy for yourself.

If you already have F1 2019, what do you think about the game? Let us know down below in our comments section, or on our social media channels.

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