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Madden 22 SGO Money Plays PA Boot Over

INSIDER Money Plays: Madden 22 PA Boot Over

We’re here with the first installment of the SGO Money Plays series for SGO Insiders. Our goal with this is to make you better on the field or court or wherever you are virtually lining up. With Madden 22 here, we thought it’d be a great idea to kick things off with a play from SGO’s Brennon Turner.


Play Setup:

The play is most effective against cover 3, but also works against cover 4, 6, and man. Go to Gun Bunch TE, available in many playbooks but I recommend Las Vegas Raiders Book. Come out in the base play, adjust your TE(A/X) and give him a hot route of a “”Delay Fade” by pressing Y, A and then up on the right analog. He will serve as your check down if the main routes are covered. Leave everything else base.

During Play:

Against cover three, you will see the middle crosser (Y, Triangle) comes wide open about 2 seconds into the play and he server as your main target.

Other targets:

The outside crosser (X, Square) comes open against cover two and cover 4, but it isn’t always guaranteed. Against cover two the lower and middle crossers will both become open. Against man coverage, if you have a speed advantage of 3+ and good route running on any of the 3 receivers it will be a big completion and can often result in a score.(edited)

Watch Play In Action:

What game do you need help with next? Let us know for future installments of SGO Money Plays

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