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Major Update on XFL Video Game Negotiations

SGO Insider

We all know that the XFL has been deep in discussions to bring the league to the video game market.

SGO has learned that the league and 2K have agreed to a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that would see the studio develop and release the first XFL video game. The agreement has been kept quiet by many within both companies, but it is expected to see 2K receive a larger cut of the revenue than average game sales.

As far as an official announcement is concerned, 2K has been a bit taken aback with the ratings drop for the league after the first few weeks. Despite the league far outdoing what the Alliance of American Football (AAF) did back in 2019, both sides expected the games to stay around a 2-million average after the strong week one showing. 

That said, the numbers have been stable enough that 2K remains likely to come to an official agreement on development. 

One source told SGO that the deal the company has with WWE is still a lucrative one despite the issues with the last release, adding that they want to keep them happy because of the passionate fanbase.

For the release of any game, the timeline remains 2022 or 2023 to coincide with the start of the XFL’s third or fourth season, respectively. As of now, the agreement wouldn’t see the game be an annualized release, though that could change based on performance. 

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