Axis Football 19 is getting some new updates to the game to enhance the experience. It was announced Monday they released the new version 2.1 that will address some of the gameplay issues.

It will also help fix some of the bugs in the game as well.

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Gameplay Improvements 

The update first addresses some of the gameplay issues that gamers were facing while playing the game last year. They fixed how receivers catch the ball as they should be able to catch them in stride. The move should also lead to fewer interceptions making the passing game better for gamers.

When a turnover occurs and players are being controlled by the user, they will gain control of the player recovering the ball. There’s a new option to choose the controller icon style as the buttons on the screen. This has the ability to match the buttons off the screen as well.

Bug Fixes

Some of the bugs fixed in the game include when the AI was using player consecutive run and pass plays to make their own playcalling decisions. A bug was fixed to when a delay of game penalty was called after a punt would cause an inconsistent game state. The game fixed it that when the AI would not accept a penalty on delay of game if the playoff was showing on the screen.

Now user coaches will get credit for wins when they are playing a live game. The previous bug never gave them credit for the win. Penalities will be called now if a kickoff goes out of bounds before it passes the goal line.


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