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Club Manager 2016 Released

Club Manager 2016 returns to the virtues of classic soccer simulation games with emphasis on the essentials. Soccer and simulation fans will enjoy the challenge of running an organization leading their team to victory for an up-and-coming pool of talent. With almost 200 soccer nations implemented in the game, some of which are playable, your task is to shape and determine the future and success of your club by engaging in tactics, contracts, sponsorships and stadium upgrades. The enhanced and much improved integrated editor allows you to create your own teams or to edit existing player’s, jersey’s and names pre-supplied with the game. You can even intervene in the team’s tactics during a live game, specify additional gameplay modes, or host your own tournaments. The transfer market, the promotion and relegation system (and the difficulty levels) have been polished, revamped and improved.


With 8 leagues to play and many stadiums offering varying degree of features, your job as managers is difficult, but fun. Create tournaments and invite other team to play. Purchase and sell players. Make decisions on contracts, ticket sales, sponsorship and merchandising, and embark on an incredible journey to wealth and fortune as you train and foster new talent for your future success. If the board of directors are happy, your job is safe. Fail, and you’re out!

Club Manager 2016 is available for download today:

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