Get ready college fans, you’ll soon be able to play college football in the virtual world once again.

IMackulate Vision Gaming (IMV), the company that has been working towards bringing a college football game back to players, has announced that their fully-featured game “Gridiron Champions” is launching in 2020.

The release date reveal comes on the heels of the company announcing that it is now backed by a “top-tier investment core group” that have contractually agreed to assist the company in raising capital that is expected to surpass $10 million. This group, according to IMV, also acts as strategic consults for the company and is helping them take the company public.

Going public could prove to be extremely beneficial because it gives the company the chance to strengthen its capital base, make future acquisitions easier, and diversifies ownership.

As mentioned in the past, the first installment of Gridiron Champions will be an unlicensed title. That said, plans are in place for IMV to pursue licensing agreements for the second installment of the series. It’s yet another potential benefit of taking the company public.

With no license, Gridiron Champions will be a fully customizable experience. From schools to players to stadiums to conferences and playoffs, players will be able to create the college football experience of their dreams. Even a bowl and playoff system will be implemented for players.

“There is no college football game on the market that offers a creative experience like Gridiron Champions and we’re excited to be the first to hit the marketplace in 2020,” Alex Lewis, CEO of IMV, said.

Full development is slated to begin in the coming months, and fans will be kept in the loop with a number of behind-the-scenes videos and even a development podcast.

Over 1,300 players have preordered the game since May 2017, and a first-look demo and video is expected to come in the near future. Should Gridiron Champions be a success, IMV has made it known that they plan to pursue a college basketball game in 2021 on top of the sequel to their college football title.

Gridiron Champions will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam when it launches, and will cost a retail price of $59.99.

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  1. How are they going to avoid the player likeness lawsuit that led to EA stopping production of its college games?

  2. There will be no NCAA license. It will be generic teams with generic players in generic conferences. That’s how they get around it.

  3. Then what happens when they become licensed the following year? This is their stated goal. They will also be providing full instructions on how to include all of that licensed material before they become licensed. That just seems to be opening the door for another Ed O’Bannon type lawsuit.

  4. The problem is that EA went too far when it came to constructing their NCAA rosters. Even though they didn’t use their names (QB #2) they used player’s numbers and their gear in some cases. They couldn’t make the case that they weren’t using likenesses.
    If the only thing in the game that is close to reality is the licensed logos and any other things solely owned by the NCAA/universities (ie; stadiums, mascots, etc), then you should be ok. (fyi, I’m not a lawyer of any kind).

  5. I’m still having a hard time believing that they used their likeness since it was just generic template faces used for all the players.

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