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FIFA 15 Tips: An Introductory Guide to FIFA Ultimate Team


FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT has been a staple for fans of the FIFA franchise since its inaugural introduction in 2009. It has inspired a number of games to adopt the popular trading card based game mode (i.e. Madden Ultimate Team, NHL, NBA 2K’s MyTeam) as well as created an entirely new revenue stream for Game developers.

Whether you are a longtime FIFA enthusiast, newcomer to the series or simply never got a chance to really dive into the beast that is Ultimate Team, this guide may help you get started.

Below are several key strategies that will help you get your Ultimate Team off to a running start and help you be competitive even against some of the stiffer competition you may face online, without having to spend coin to buy virtual coin.


This is one of the the most important rules to remember in my opinion. A properly utilized squad can contend against even some of the super teams you may face in online play. Your starter pack will most likely include a plethora of players no one has ever heard of. Study their abilities and use them to your advantage. If your Strikers are undersized, but are skilled in dribbling and finishing, attack the opposing team through the middle with short, quick passes and through balls rather than crosses from the wings. Contrary, if your strikers are tall and lengthy, attack from the wings and try to to score with headers and off of set pieces.


Formations are another great way to get the most out of your team. It can be a bit overwhelming scrolling through all the different formations at first, but my advice here is to keep it simple. You will likely receive a pretty balanced team out of your starter packs. Try to stick to players preferred positions and build your formation from there.

For example, If your starters are compiled of:
2 CBs
1 RB
1 LB
2 CMs

Go with a traditional approach of a basic 4-4-2 formation or a 4-5-1 if you want to stagger your forwards.
Of course this is again based on knowing your team and playing to your teams strengths. If you have a bunch of central midfielders and no true wings, make sure your formation reflects that. There are 15 total positions in FUT and as you earn more coin and players, you will be able to diversify your lineup and formations.


Chemistry can have a huge impact on the overall play of your team on the pitch. Accessed in the Formation screen, pay close attention to the nationality  of your players and what leagues and club teams they play for.

For example:
If you have a Dutch CB playing alongside a 70 overall rated CB from Brazil, yet you have another CB from Holland rated at 68 overall, personally I would group the 2 dutch players together as the chemistry will offset the difference in rating. It will make for a much more fluid experience on the pitch from my experience. Try to group as many players from the same country, league or club together and you will see your chemistry rating go up dramatically.

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