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FIFA 16 Tips: Best Camera Settings for Online Play


Follow these FIFA 16 Tips for the best camera settings if you want more opportunities for attacking and increasing your effectiveness in defending.

Settings > Game Settings


  1. Set the Single and Multiplayer camera to Tele Broadcast.
  2. Change the Camera settings to Custom
  3. Move to Camera Height to 18
  4. Set Camera Zoom to 4
  5. Leave Pro Camera Zoom at 10


  • These camera angles will be best for playing online versus an opponent in FIFA 16.
  • You will see a much bigger area of the field and cover the gaps on the field with ease.
  • Build up attacks much easier because you can see your teammates on the pitch.
  • Using proper camera settings is a big advantage in scoring goals as you will be able to deliver better passes.
  • You will also be able to see each of your teammates in the penalty box in crossing situations.

Let us know in the comments below how these FIFA 16 Tips worked for you!


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