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FIFA 16 Tips: Best Formations in FIFA 16

FIFA 16 Tips top_formations in FIFA 16

Since the release of FIFA 16 EA Sports have announced and implemented multiple new patches that have altered the gameplay significantly following the launch. This has lead FIFA fans worldwide asking the same question “WHAT’S THE BEST FORMATION?” I made an initial Top 5 Formations in FIFA 16 video covering my breakdowns and laying down credibility behind each choice, however with the new patch it’s time for a REVAMP!

Post patch which formations are the best now?? If you want to know exactly what’s shifted in EA’s newest patch that content is available on the “Official Dirty Mike YouTube Channel.”

Honorable Mention:

352 – The FIFA 14 days are behind us in terms of seeing the ultimate overpowered 352, but it’s still a viable formation in this year’s installment. The spacing for easy outlets, counter attack proficiency, and the defensive midfielder coverage keep this formation on the radar. In higher divisions the 352 weakness in defense can be exploited and you must be aware at all times covering the backline.

4312 – The 4312 is a direct formation that works best for the simple counter attacking offensive player. I would also recommend a high pressure defensive set when using this formation in order to utilize the three midfielders best for defensive traps.

4231 (2) – The second variation of the 4231 feels organic and natural with the new patch due to the increased through ball efficiency. This allows one of the best defensive formations in FIFA 16 to also offer dangerous quick counter attacks.

Top 5 FIFA 16 Formations:

#5 – 4222 – My favorite formation from last year is still effective in this year’s installment, but with the reduced running/skilling the additional space created in the 4222 is often left underutilized. If you are a structured player in terms of build up and defending this formation will allow you to feel comfortable quickly everywhere on the pitch.

#4 – 433 (4) – Still my personal choice for the 433 variations offering the provider role with the CAM to help feed to the wingers consistently. The moonball is back for quick switches post patch and this formation lost a bit of steam in the midfield, but offers one of the most brutal attacks known to FIFA if you have the correct personnel.

#3 – 4321 – Even though this formation doesn’t always fit my preferred method of attacking or defending credit must be given for such a difficult formation to matchup against post patch. The increased speed of play combined with the ping pong passing has restored the 4321. Using the 4321 with intense pressure combined with a “balanced or attacking” mentality and your opponent will feel the heat in every single match.

#2 – 4231 – This formation gives you the best of both worlds in FIFA 16 providing balance while building possession, looking for over the top through balls, or chasing back on defense. One of the easiest formations to learn, however it takes time to master the mechanics of combining all the FIFA elements into the 4231. For squad building in FUT you have ample options in terms of hybrids or mixing nationalities to breed quick success. ENJOY!!

#1 – 41212 / 41212 (2) – I’ve linked both these formation variations together, because the only difference is the positioning in the midfield. Both 41212 are simple, balanced, and logically make sense when you look to develop attacks via the tiki taka passing or the wings. The 41212 allows players with all different levels of skill or playstyles to apply that into both ultimate team and head to head game modes.

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