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FIFA 16 Ultimate Passing Guide

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One of the most frequently asked questions each year regarding FIFA comes down to PASSING! Why didn’t the pass make it to my player? Why didn’t he react properly? Why did it get intercepted?

With this FIFA Passing Guide I will detail how to improve your passing percentage and possession statistics in FIFA 16. First, it starts with your passing settings (THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT) The settings I prefer are listed down below and if you want my full controller / settings the full video is also available via YouTube.


fifa16 settings
Full Settings Video:

The 3 Types of Passes

In this guide I’m going to cover the basics with the normal pass, through balls, and then also the newly implemented driven pass. You will need all three of these passes in order to reach maximum potential in FIFA.

Regular Passfifa16settings1 This should be used as your primary pass which controls your attack and issues the highest validity for pass completion.

Strengths: Accurate, Consistency, Easier First Touches from the Receiver of the Pass
Weaknesses: Not ideal for Long Passing

Note: If the connection is laggy, then expect the strengths to be reduced with the normal pass.

Through Ball

fifa16settings2When you have caught your opponent slipping on the defensive end or he’s playing too aggressive a through ball is a perfect pass to punish those mistakes. By design through balls are played into space for the attacking player to then run onto with pace. After the most recent patch ground through balls have become much more overpowered and players can capitalize much easier with counter attacks.

Strengths: Dynamic Attacking Pass, Instant Counter Attack Option
Weaknesses: Not Accurate

Note: High Risk / High Reward Passing

Driven Pass

Brand new to FIFA 16 the driven pass combines the power of the throughball, however it also has the accuracy of the regular pass which combines for a deadly weapon in this year’s installment. If you wish to progress to “Division 1” or “Win Draft Titles” the driven pass is a mandatory addition to your gameplay.

Strengths: Speed of the Pass, Allows you to Change the Rhythm to the Match, Versatile
Weaknesses: Percentage of the Receiver having a Good First Touch is Reduced, Not Ideal for Short Passing Circumstances

Note: The passing statistics and dribbling statistics can improve or be a detriment to the success rates of the driven pass.

Hopefully you enjoyed this FIFA Passing Guide. If you want to see passing examples for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players in action check out the tutorials on my channel.

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