Here is another SIM Madden 15 defensive tip from our own itsjaboom explaining the strengths and weaknesses of this great man blitz from the 4-3 under formation that brings heavy pressure.

The term Under is used to describe any defensive front where the strong side defensive tackle is aligned in a ‘1’ technique over the strong side guard, while the back side defensive tackle takes a ‘3’ technique position across from the opposite offensive guard.

Playbook: 4-3 (Various)
Formation: 4-3 Under
Play: Edge Sting
Adjustments: None


Key Points

  1. When aligned in the Under front, watch out for inside runs to the backside A-GAP.
  2. The Over/Under front can be attacked by a midline option team.
  3. Take advantage of the multiple man and zone blitz schemes provided by the Over/Under fronts by mixing up your defenses.


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