What’s up guys! Arelik here, I wanted to share with everyone as to why it is important to stop the HB Screen plays!

1. A simple, Safe, yet VERY effective short pass that has 3-5 blockers getting up field.

2. People that perfect this play know when to run it and how to run it and usually get massive gains!

I’ve played close to 300 online MUT games this year. If it is one thing I have seen, it’s that people who do run screens, don’t just run it once a game!

Instead they make it part of their offense as it can be very hard to stop. You may never see the screen coming. Yet when they do run it, it always seems to go for a first down or more!

How can YOU be better prepared for the screen passes? Easy really, I made a YouTube video for all you Madden fans on how to stop it.

Play every down as its going to be a screen. Option the running back pre snap, Man to man can sometimes shut it down. Zones however WILL shut it down! Optioning the running back makes the defense play the runner better. So make sure you have a flat zone and just user a yellow zone. Watch the linemen as its snapped, if you see them pulling its a dead giveaway! When you shut screens down, that’s when you start shutting players down and force them to play to your style!

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