Special Teams are the one of the most overlooked aspects of Madden. Even without having the best return man these Madden 16 Tips will have you taking it back to the house in no time. Take a look at the video for an even more detailed explanation.

For this to work best you want a return man with 90+ speed and acceleration to break away from the pack and good juking stats to fake out a defender.

So what you want to do is:

  1. Choose Return Middle.
  2. Run to the left on an angle
  3. Wait until the kickoff gunners get about 6-10 yards to your return man
  4. Double juke (LT + Right Analog left then Right) to the inside.
  5. Get back outside to the sidelines or look for an open cutback lane. What you are basically doing is actually forcing guys out of their lanes and creating a seam in the kick return coverage.
  6. Take it to the house!

Go into practice mode to master this method and you will be a threat to return kickoffs for Touchdowns on each return. Stay tuned to SGO for more free Madden 16 Tips!


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