The sports industry has taken quite the hit since the outbreak of COVID-19, and the sports gambling industry is no exception. So, how can sport gamblers wet their appetite without any sports? Simple: bet on Madden 20 games (well not really).

B/R Betting and Madden 20

In lieu of sporting events, B/R Betting is staging Madden 20 simulations, and allowing gamblers to take a stab on the sims. Today’s matchup featured the top two teams in the AFC during the regular season in 2019, the Ravens and the Chiefs.

Now there really isn’t any money on the line here. There is however, some hoodies from B/R Betting on the line. And let’s say people are hooked:

The Chiefs, by the way, won this game by a score of 21-16. But don’t worry if you missed out on the action, as B/R Betting will be staging another one of these games tomorrow on their Mixer channel.

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