Madden NFL 21

Earlier this week, #FixMaddenFranchise became a trending hashtag on Twitter after a lackluster release of details on the game’s Franchise mode. Today, the executive producer of the Madden franchise responded to the criticism.

Seann Graddy Responds to #FixMaddenFranchise

In a video on Twitter, Madden Executive Producer Seann Graddy stated he wanted to reach out to the Madden community on behalf of the development teams. Graddy said that the developers have heard the complaints of fans.

In the video, Graddy stated regarding the negative feedback, “We see your #FixMaddenFranchise tweets, and we understand your frustration.” Graddy went on to note that the Franchise community is critically important to the developers. The Madden producer also said that they have gone over the complaints from the community.

Later in the video, Graddy said that starting today, the developers are working to improve Franchise mode for “Madden NFL 21 and beyond.” However, Graddy stated that he had no new details to share with fans of the franchise.

Graddy concluded the video by stating that the development team is working from home to improve the game, and that they are committed to getting back to the community regarding Franchise mode, and to tell gamers what their plans for the mode are.

Here’s the full video from Graddy :




  1. They won’t change anything to Franchise. They are treating Face of the Franchise like when MUT first started up. They are going to put all their time and effort into that, even though Franchise is the most played mode

  2. They acknowledge is good but it’s way too late for this year. You won’t get more than something like 5th year option added via patch.

    Let’s not forget they renamed it ‘classic franchise’ to make sure no attention goes on it moving forward.

    I appreciate they say something but it’s gonna take a hell of a lot more than that to make us believe they shit a ****

  3. Is madden listening they could easily make money off franchise all they have to do is add some features that cost money maybe 5-10 $ to unlock some other options for you team or some crap like that I’d pay 5 dollars to get an extra 200 scouting points a week I’d pay 5 dollars to have 6 players instead of 3 players getting the Training boost. It’s all types of ways they could cheat us out of money in franchise that I’m sure people would be willing to ? so madden update franchise please. We will pay too

  4. Like NCAA did with timesavers. If you paid $20 you could get them all. Which would let you know how much time/points teams were spending on guys. Give you extra pipeline states and improve one of your grades half a letter grade.

  5. Dude dont give them more ideas!! Expanded training was in madden 06-08 even with it’s own mini games!! Fuck microtransactions in franchise!! And more scouting points should be given to begin with!! Not something we need to pay for!!

  6. What they need to do is an update on 20 that allows you to play franchise mode without internet. My internet sucks and I can’t play any mode on Madden 20 without internet

  7. One thing they should add is real-time injuries like they used to have in the NFL Gameday games. I remember when I busted away for a walk in touchdown on my brother but my RB pulled his hamstring at about the 20 yd line and started limping dragging and holding his leg and my brother managed to catch me before td. I was mad af but I still thought that was cool to see in a game. Injuries don’t just happen after the play is over.

  8. Toney Lane adding micro transactions to franchise would be awful.all they need is to add a halftime show and a create your own play feature, which I know is possible I used to do it in 2003

  9. I’m surprised they didn’t just say “hey Madden community we know you don’t like franchise mode but we don’t really care bc we are making bank off of mut. See you on the gridiron this August ” lol

  10. Franchise mode was the best in 06 to 08. Like I want to be able to play as a kicker and then put him in as the qb just because that’s sounds like fun

  11. I’d like to play like 1 franchise game where my team doesn’t go for a fake field goal or punt, fuck it up, and cost me the game. That really shouldn’t be too much to ask. The algorithm is completely wonky. In a player vs player game, theres generally 3-4 fake special teams plays… in an actual NFL season, you see a fake special teams play maybe 3-4 times year.

  12. Give me NCAA! EA is never going to step up because there’s no competition. They don’t have to step up so they won’t the game is trash it’s no longer about skill it’s about glitches, nanos, and plays that are unbeatable just because of the way the game is built. Don’t even get me started on Ultimate team. That used to be awesome I remember when it was just an ad on That used to be awesome I remember when it was just an add-on now whoever has the most micro transactions Are going to be the “best players” Not to mention all of the stuff you have to do just to get an 80 overall player. They need to give up the license so 2K and have a chance of bringing something new to the table. All EA does is take out a good feature added back on two years later and then called in some new stuff. Every year I say I’m not buying it but I end up buying it because it’s all we have. This year for sure I’m not giving them any more my money I’m just gonna play 2K 21 and watch football on TV at least I don’t have to worry about losing to some bum who can’t really play the game or knows anything about football.

  13. Toney Lane You’re killing me, this is the reason the game is shit now. As long as you guys are willing to pay for shit that should be for free on a $60 game we just bought we are never going to get a content or competition. I shouldn’t have to pay $60 plus tax for a video game and then another $200 or $300 just to be competitive with a bunch of kids that don’t know how to play.

  14. Remember when they use to do cool shit like being able to play with teams like the 90’s Cowboys or the 2007 patriots? Also remember when skill actually mattered? When you could use or a safety I didn’t have to worry about a glitch letting a 5’10 receiver catch over at 6’1 safety that’s in position?

  15. It’s literally going to be a copy and paste game with slightly different mechanics and graphics. If you go into practice mode on 20 go into the camera and zoom in to the back of the bleachers and you’ll see “madden 19” on a banner above the stands. Copy and paste is what they know supposedly

  16. Just make a new Head Coach game. Problem solved. If they want Madden to be focused on online play, just make a separate game devoted solely to a fantastic Franchise mode-type experience

  17. So it releases in a month but now they’re suddenly going to fix franchise mode? Seems like they’re just going to give us new glove and shoe options and call it a day.

  18. Mike Steele I don’t see how that’s possible, though. You either have a special console or game that only applies to you, or you’re doing something wrong. Either way, there’s nothing to change in this regard.

  19. Matt Bailey all I know is I’ve been in the middle of the game and it shuts down saying it lost connection with the EA servers and won’t let me back into my game. It’s really annoying

  20. …..or they could give us the new content everyone deserves considering millions of people pour $60 into the same damn game every year. They make hella money off this game from MUT, invest that into the game instead of raking in profits.

  21. I loved both the original and the 09 version. If people are constantly complaining about Franchise (I’m one of them), and EA doesn’t want to commit resources to updating and revamping it, then just make it a completely separate game. That way you can make it as in-depth as people want

  22. Mike Steele I had the same problem and stopped using WiFi and connected my Xbox with my Ethernet cable. I thought it was a madden issue but it started happening playing Forza. Once I switched, I have never had an issue since. Even games and updates download faster now.

  23. I’ve been saying for years they need to change up the commentary. Don’t have the same two guys do every single game. Have 5-6 and have them rotate, is it an AFC game, on ESPN, or Primetime? But when you play 200-300 games and you hear the same quip over and over and over. Makes you wanna not play.

  24. Yeah I’m absolutley not paying $5 for something that should be in the game to begin with. When you embrace mediocrity, the developers have no incentive to do better.

  25. Honestly think about this people. The games about to come out. they are worried about sales due to covid related issues and want to soak up as much money as possible. Please dont tell me you believe they will overhaul franchise mode and add anything we have been asking for? In like 8 weeks? Get fucking real.

    They copy and paste franchise mode like they have done (theyve made these “we hear you” comments before) and maybe add one dumbass feature nobody asked for or reintroduce something they took away and then shuve it down your throat like “SEE!? TOTALLY NEW!”

  26. Cameron Smith Yes, for the exclusive rights to the NFL. EA still didn’t buy the 2K series. There’s a new 2K football game in the works.

  27. Copy the NCAA model. Be a coach and get recruited to other jobs! I am playing NCAA 12 and the experience is better than any madden game I’ve played in a while

  28. Tim Vara bro they dont realize shit or it would of been fixed. And they have no details bc they didnt plan on fixing that shit. Butttttt atleast they are fixin it lol let’s just hope its dope shit instead of nope shit

  29. Kristopher Todd no kidding. Considering how bad ea has crapped the bed on the last two fifa games I have a lot of difficulty believe much of what they say. I got bored with connected careers or whatever it’s called the first year it was out

  30. Not a single person has said this so I will. How about making it so you can actually end up on the same team as your friends in Franchise. Or even just allowing you to play on the same team together in general outside of trash 3v3 modes (Just make it 2v2 or custom. Nobody NEEDS a 3rd fucking player) or MUT challenges.

  31. He really said that the franchise community is important to them ??? all they care about is MUT since they don’t make any extra off franchise. That’s why it’s gotten so much worse in the last 15-20 years

  32. Filbert J Longsnapper smarter commentary would be good too. I hate hearing “great block by the offensive line” when it was either my full back or tight end who did the blocking. Various other instances where the commentary is too generic for what actually happens.

  33. James Kircher MUT hasn’t really changed since its inception. They just aren’t really changing much of anything except probably expanding Superstar KO which is a joke.

  34. If all these BR games can make full scale changes and basically create new game modes on the fly, a large company like EA should be able to fix this in time for the release or shortly after. I hope they take the complaints seriously

  35. They say this every year when we bring up all the issues with madden and they won’t fix these issues and to bitch slap sport gamers in the face hey 10 extra dollars. FUCK YOU MADDEN!! And FUCK YOU EA!!!