Now the NFL draft is over, eyes are beginning to turn towards next season, and the same is true for the Madden franchise. Today, EA announced the four players in the running for the Madden NFL 16 cover. They are: Cardinals corner Patrick Peterson, Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr, Patriots tight-end Rob Gronkowski, and Steelers receiver Antonio Brown. To cast your vote, simply log in to Madden Ultimate Team 15 either on your console or on the mobile version, and apply one of the cover vote collectibles, which are given as daily gifts, as well as being rewards for solo challenges, to the set corresponding to your favourite player.


Could the choice of players for the cover vote potentially be an indication of the direction in which EA intends to take next year’s instalment of the Madden series? It certainly seems that way,  after they said this earlier today: “Intuitive new tools for quarterbacks, receivers and defensive backs bring the passing game to new levels, and now the battle between the offense and defense is yours to win.” It would appear that after EA revamped the defensive mechanics in Madden 15, it will be the turn of the passing game come Madden 16.


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