EA Sports just announced the week 17 roster update for Madden NFL 17. Picking himself up to an even bigger contender was Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Already a 94 overall last week, he picked up two extra points to go to 96 off his strong game that led the Packers to the NFC North title against the Lions. One can only wonder if his stellar season so far will lead to a second Super Bowl ring.

Finishing up the season with nearly 600 yards on 35 catches, Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver Taylor Gabriel improved two points to a 78 overall rating this season. While not the top tier receiver you can pick up, one can only expect his stock to climb in the coming seasons.

Dropping down this week however was Minnesota Vikings Halfback Adrian Peterson, down 2 points to 87 Overall. He is still worth a pickup, but definitely slipped after not playing last week against Chicago, with rumors that he is finished with the Vikes.

For more roster changes, please head over to view the full ratings. Remember to check in to Sports Gamers Online for all your Madden needs.

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Corey Lanier
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