Overwatch Producer Joins EA, Becomes Madden NFL’s Senior Producer

Two weeks ago, Rex Dickson announced he was leaving EA Tiburon, meaning he would no longer be the creative director of the historic Madden NFL series.  Carlos Guerrero, producer of the popular video game and esports phenomenon Overwatch, is now officially Madden’s new Senior Producer.

While Guerrero has yet to make a statement on this, a change to his LinkedIn profile revealed the news, and he appears to be one of the leaders of the Madden franchise moving forward. Guerrero has been working at EA since 2017.

What will Guerrero’s hiring mean for the future of Madden as an esport?
Dickson also announced on Twitter two days ago that Clint Oldenburg, who had been working at EA for years as a designer, was promoted to the lead gameplay designer for the series.
It seems EA is getting all of their ducks in a row ahead of Madden NFL 19’s release. We have still yet to get any news on the new game, but that information could be coming soon.
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