top kicker and punter ratings

EA Sports has once again released a set of stats for athletes via their official site. This time around, we take a look at the top kicker and punter ratings for Madden 18.

Top Kicker And Punter Ratings

At the number one spot we have Justin Tucker, kicker for the Baltimore Ravens.

Justin Tucker

Number two on the list is the punter for the Los Angeles Rams, Johnny Hekker.

Johnny Hekker

Coming in at number three is Matt Bryant, kicker for the Atlanta Falcons.

Matt Bryant

And weighing in at number four on the list is Bryan Anger, punter for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Bryan Anger

Last but certainly not least, at number five is Marquette King, punter for the Oakland Raiders.

Marquette King

While Matt Prater didn’t make top five, he does deserve an honorable mention. Prater is the current record-holder with a  64-yard FG. This year his Kick Power is 98 and sports a Kick Accuracy of 93.

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