Franchise Hockey Manager 4 may have just come out a week ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to make the game better.

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Out of the Park Developments has released the first update for the popular management game featuring updated rosters, tweaks to in-game tactics, AI mechanics and more.

The update’s full details can be found below:

  • roster data updated, NHL rosters are the openingnight versions (aside a few small additions/changes to represent lastminute moves properly)
  • some tactics and tactical role requirements adjusted significantly; should significantly reduce or eliminate the problem with goons/checking forwards getting placed on top lines and good players on lower lines
  • tactical role fit scores adjusted to increase the penalties for players playing at their non20rated position, making it less likely for the AI to use players out of position
  • first NHL expansion will now add only one team instead of two (also fixes AHL/ECHL scheduling problem for expansion team affiliates and the missing farm teams for one of the new expansion teams)
  • the waiver warning PM a human NHL player receives right before the start of the season now displays those players properly instead of being blank
  • AI in top-level league in custom games should now send younger players to the minors instead of keeping them in the main roster, and top-level leagues are no longer forced to return junior aged players to the junior league
  • possible refusal of two-way contract by entry level contract-eligible player fixed
  • possible crash when player requests number change fixed
  • playoff stats no longer disappear from the roster and league stats views after the first season
  • the red borders that indicate primary and secondary roles when selecting a tactical role are now dashed to improve visibility for colour-blind users
  • some highlight modes on the in-game display will no longer cause the game to skip past goals
  • goalie start settings should now work properly instead of possibly causing the user’s goalie to start every game
  • in the pregame and post-game screens, the last games/previous meetings section is now sorted chronologically
  • historical financial adjustments file corrected to include budget amounts in the 1917-1930 years (so budgets will now be on the same scale as everything else)
  • “Iron Curtain” rule for historical games (preventing signing of Soviet-block players) should now be applied properly
  • NHL contracted player limits increased during the Original 6 years (i.e. 40s through 60s)
  • NHL contract lengths restricted in the last few seasons before the WHA arrives to simulate teams responding complacently to the impending end of the reserve clause
  • roster and lineup sizes reduced in the first 30 or so years of historical play, particularly in the earliest seasons; AI seems to handle it well so far, and should help with rosterfilling difficulties in some start years
  • best defensive forward award now more likely to go to a checking forward
  • adjusted rookie of the year criteria to make wins by players with low GP less likely
  • adjusted coach tactical preferences and goalie quality in the NHL slightly to get goal totals back closer to real levels
  • achievements will no longer show the wrong popup and in-game version of the achievement
  • achievement for winning lower-level international tournaments should now be awarded correctly
  • Oilers historical challenge victory now triggers correctly after the 5th Stanley Cup win
  • player contract cap hits no longer editable without commissioner mode turned on
  • clicking a retired player in the alumni list (possible if the player retires in mid-season) no longer causes a crash
  • international game previews and recaps no longer show data for NHL teams in the recent meetings/headtohead, injuries, and rankings sections
  • custom leagues now have sound
  • CHL rights for unowned 15-19-year-old Canadians and Americans now set correctly: WHL/OHL/QMJHL teams will now be able to sign undrafted players directly from midget, Junior B, etc. at the start of the game
  • score no longer reversed in “player participated in international game” news
  • updated preset injury list
  • players added to a shortlist via a right-click on the “Active Scouting” tab of the scouting screen no longer fail to move to the shortlist
  • if a shopped player gets no offers, user will get a message to acknowledge that
  • clicking edit in the workshop interface with the workshop already open in the Steam client no longer causes a crash
  • crowd sounds now automatically restart after a goal when watchin in Full Game mode
  • fixed league finals name failing to appear in some news stories
  • various small text, formatting, and graphical changes

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