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Joe Montana 16 Website Launched! Plus New Details!


After being quiet for much of E3 and not being announced at the Microsoft Conference as many had predicted previously.  Developer Damon Grow tweeted out the Joe Montana Football website was live and taking sign ups.




Right now the website is just a sign up for more info, but currently under Damon Grow’s profile you can see Superstar Games is listed as the company developing the game when there was nothing there previously. Definitely some minor developments with Joe Montana 16 after not hearing much from them this E3.




What we know so far about Joe Montana football:

  • It is being developed by Superstar Games.
  • Superstar Games is owned by Joe Montana.
  • Damon Grow works for Superstar Games.
  • It is being developed in Unreal Engine 4.
  • It has been in development for 1 year.
  • It will have no NFL or NFLPA license.
  • It is “not exclusive to any platform” (which disspells the solely mobile game rumors).
  • They are not currently pursuing an annual release development cycle.
  • Damon Grow has referred to the development process as a “marathon” and not a “sprint”
  • Customization is one of their main focuses.
  • It will have multiple modes.
  • It will have a story mode.
  • There is a create a stadium feature of some sort.
  • Details such as the materials of the seats can affect fan happiness in one of their modes.

Stay tuned to Sports Gamers Online for all of the latest Joe Montana 16 news and the latest from your favorite games!

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Dutch Rogers
7 years ago

@UE_Gaming @DamonGrow Cross platform game (PC/Xbox) at the PC presser tonight, or just PC?