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Joe Montana 16: What We Know So Far

Joe Montana 16

In an interview with Damon Grow, the CEO of Superstar Games, a lot of the info about Joe Montana 16, is clarified, and put into one place. It is set to be a game for mobile devices, but also with the ability to be connected to Chromecasts and other comparable devices. The idea behind this game is setting your lineups throughout the day and when you get home from work or school is when you could hook up your device to your TV and play the game with the team you have setup all day.

Furthermore, Joe Montana 16 and Superstar Games have partnered up with Samsung, which is a huge deal. This will allow them to use some of the most cutting edge technology in development of their new game. Damon Grow and team will also be making an appearance at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on March 14th, with the intentions of showcasing their game.

According to Damon Grow, Montana 16 is not going to be a “pay-to-win game” and they will not be “nickle and diming” their users. He said that their options are either charging some amount for the game up front, distributing it for free and paying from there (a one-time fee) if you wish to keep playing, or distributing for free and just asking for money if people like the game. Damon Grow prefers the latter. This game will not be game based on paying for every move you wish to take and Joe Montana 16 will be a much more in-depth game than that. There will be no limit to the amount of seasons in franchise mode.

They are attempting to cater to many of the simulation crowd because lineups and leagues can be set on the go and you can play the game later. If this game is ultimately successful then Damon Grow says they will be looking to expand onto PC, and eventually the possible console release. They want to flush out all of the problems on IOS and mobile devices as well as get feedback on how they can improve it before releasing it to PC, something that they plan to do once it is ready.

Unreal partnered with Joe Montana 16 after seeing their demo. Damon Grow is ecstatic about this and believes with their partnership this game can become even better. This partnership makes going to PC or even console very easy for Joe Montana 16 and Superstar Games to do. Early access on PC is a possibility, but Damon Grow is leaning away from that at the moment.

Joe Montana 16 is unlicensed which means customization will be huge in this game. This would make it unlike any other popular sports game, and Damon Grow and Co. are looking to give everyone the opportunity to go wild in this “sandbox of football.”

Before moving Joe Montana 16 from mobile devices to PC, they are looking to study the numbers of how many people are playing this game and how long they are playing it and if Joe Montana 16 is meeting their needs as a game. Mac is also a possibility, but currently they are focusing on PC. This game will be playable on the iPhone 5S and up.

Joe Montana is very involved with the development of Joe Montana 16, so he is much more than just the title. Nostalgia plays a big role in this game as well, as it can link fathers and sons through ones love of Joe Montana and that era, and another’s love of games. Damon Grow was very enthusiastic about this interaction and how impactful he thinks it could be.

Overall, Joe Montana 16 is aiming to be a simulation based game at first with aims of improving game play as the game is developed and played. The idea behind it is that you can manage your franchise on your mobile device throughout the day and hook it up to your TV to play with your team. Once feedback is acquired and multiple updates are put out and the development team is satisfied it will be moving to PC, and console is a possibility as well.

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