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MLB 14 The Show Servers to be Decommissioned


Friday it was announced on The Show Nation Forums that Sony would be terminating the online service for MLB 14 The Show on the PlayStation 3, Playstation Vita and PlayStation 4 systems on November 2, 2015.

With the addition of year to year saves in MLB 15 The Show there isn’t any reason not to upgrade to the latest game other than not wanting to dish out the money for the new game. Below are the instructions from The Show Baseball forums Administrator on how to move your saves from PS3 to PS4.

Now, for those of you moving from PS3 to PS4, you will need to take action before November 2. If you would like to move your Road to the Show, Season or Franchise save file from MLB 14 The Show PS3 to MLB 15 The Show PS4, please take the following steps:
-Upload your MLB 14 PS3 save file to the Cloud, using the in-game feature.
-Load a copy of MLB 14 The Show PS4 and select “Load from Cloud,” using the same account you used to upload.
-Once you “Load from cloud” the new save will be available to Save to your Hard Drive.
-Using MLB 14 The Show PS4 and the loaded Cloud save, select “Options > Save” within the loaded mode (Franchise, RttS or Season).
-Now you have a save file from MLB 14 The Show PS4 on your Hard Drive to load in MLB 15 The Show PS4 once you get a hold of a copy.The Show Baseball

This may be a look at how they will handle online service for MLB The Show games going forward. They may use the year to year saves to push gamers towards the new game each year.

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