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MLB 15 The Show: Universal Rewards & Equipment Detailed

In their latest blog post Nick Livingston, the game designer of MLB 15 The Show, details the universal Rewards, equipment and 30 Legend Cards included in this years game. Check out the new info below!

In the last couple years, we’ve added something we call your Universal Profile, which tracks your play style tendencies and passively rewards you with XP and Stubs while you play. This year, in addition to XP and Stubs, you’ll earn new Items usable throughout different game modes.

  • Road to the Show is a mode focused on one player’s path to the majors and beyond. As you play, you’ll find different qualities of licensed equipment that can enhance your player’s attributes. Once you find them, you’ll equip them to your player for an instant boost to his skill. Your player has slots for a Bat, Batting Gloves, Fielding Glove, Cleats, and echoing the traditions of our sport, a Ritual item.
  • Franchise is a mode focused on managing baseball organizations on every level. Periodically, you’ll find Brand Sponsorship contracts. Once you have the contract in hand, you can choose at any time to partner your Franchise team with the Brand. Doing so will add some Brand flavor to your interface during game broadcasts. The Sponsorship also earns your team budget incentives based on how you performance in a certain statistic.
  • Diamond Dynasty is a fantasy baseball card mode where you build a custom team and assemble players you find into a squad. Diamond Dynasty is DRASTICALLY changed this year so keep an eye out for a more focused blog about it. MLB Player Cards and Stadiums Cards will be rewarded as you play. While playing ANY mode, you’ll be passively building a fantasy squad of MLB pros.
  • Collect an entire MLB team or get REALLY lucky with a pack, and you’ll unlock an iconic alumni player from one of 30 MLB teams.

 Nine baseball brands included in MLB 15 The Show:

  • Franklin®
  • Louisville Slugger®
  • Nike®
  • Under Armour®
  • Wilson®
  • Rawlings®
  • Sam Bat®
  • Mizuno®
  • Marucci®

List of 30 Legend cards included in MLB 15 The Show:

  • Al Kaline – Detroit Tigers
  • Harmon Killebrew – Minnesota Twins
  • George Brett – Kansas City Royals
  • Fred McGriff – Tampa Bay Rays
  • Nolan Ryan – Texas Rangers
  • Jack McDowell – Chicago White Sox
  • Brooks Robinson – Baltimore Orioles
  • Joe Carter – Toronto Blue Jays
  • Orel Hershiser – Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Will Clark – San Francisco Giants
  • Dave Winfield – San Diego Padres
  • Dennis Eckersley – Oakland Athletics
  • Ernie Banks – Chicago Cubs
  • Jeff Bagwell – Houston Astros
  • Rod Carew – California Angels
  • Tom Seaver – New York Mets
  • Phil Niekro – Atlanta Braves
  • Johnny Bench – Cincinnati Reds
  • Mike Schmidt – Philadelphia Phillies
  • Robin Yount – Milwaukee Brewers
  • Ralph Kiner – Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Yogi Berra – New York Yankees
  • Andre Dawson – Washington Nationals
  • Ozzie Smith – St. Louis Cardinals
  • Kenny Lofton – Cleveland Indians
  • Edgar Martinez – Seattle Mariners
  • Dante Bichette – Colorado Rockies
  • Steve Finley – Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Cliff Floyd – Miami Marlins
  • Ted Williams – Boston Red Sox

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