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MLB 15 The Show Analog Pitching Guide


Welcome to the sixth episode in my series, The Show Training 101, where we’ll take an in-depth look at various mechanics and control schemes, analyze how they’re implemented in MLB 15 The Show, and explore the ways in which you can leverage your newfound knowledge to take your game to the next level.

Today we’ll be taking a look at analog pitching. So, what exactly is analog pitching? Well, it’s a pitching mechanic that gives you total control over pitch velocity, break, and accuracy, all of which are determined by your right stick movement. So as always, first select your pitch, and then set pitch location using the left stick. The two wide lines at the top of the meter indicate the horizontal edges of the strike zone. Hold the right stick down to begin your delivery and a baseball icon will descend towards the base of the meter. The yellow bar situated just above the base of the meter represents the ideal height off the pitcher’s hand from its designated target. Likewise, the placement of the pitch cursor in relation to the yellow bar governs the vertical accuracy of the pitch. Release the stick too early? The pitch will result in an under-throw. Release the stick too late? You’ll overthrow your target. But match your pitch cursor with the yellow bar? Perfect.

Ok. After setting your pitcher’s release, which determines the vertical accuracy of the pitch, move the right stick upwards towards the top of the meter. But make sure your right stick’s upswing corresponds to the direction of the circular target (located here), the placement of which is dependent on your intended pitch location. The degree to which your right stick lands wide of the set target regulates the degree to which your pitch will land wide of your intended location. Now remember, your right stick movement during its it upward trajectory affects HORIZONTAL accuracy only. Set the pitch cursor right of the set target? Your pitch will go wide right. Set the cursor left of the target? Watch your pitch veer more left than you’d like.MLB15_The_Show_Analog_PitchingArticle3

With Analog Pitching, your right stick movement dictates both the vertical and horizontal accuracy of the pitch. But there’s one more component to the mechanic that is equally important, a component that is scarcely understood or even recognized by The Show community. That is, the speed at which you motion your stick towards your set target determines the velocity, break, and effectiveness of the pitch. Now each pitcher possesses a minimum and maximum throwing speed for fastballs and a minimum and maximum amount of movement for breaking pitches. To access your pitcher’s median velocity and/or movement, push up on the right stick at an average speed. To maximize pitch speed and/or movement, push up on the right stick stick faster. The amount of power exerted on the pitch is signified by the color on the sides of the pitch meter after the ball is thrown. A yellower color indicates average pitch power, while a redder color indicates increased pitch power. Like meter pitching, the increased velocity and movement comes at the expense of decreased accuracy and increased pitcher fatigue. So be careful not to expend your pitcher’s energy too quickly. Do yourself a favor and keep your bullpen well rested. Trust me.

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