Feb 28, 2021
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MLB 15 The Show Challenge of the Week 4/20-4/27


For all of you competitive Challenge of the Week players out there, San Diego Studios has revealed their new prize for this week.  For the first time in a few years it is going to be something other than a signed ball or jersey.  The prize this week is a custom MLB The Show Bat


This week’s challenge is going to be C.C. Sabathia vs Miguel Cabrera.  The bonuses include: Four Wide ones (collect 4 balls in one strike) ;  Banjo Hitter (Collect 3 weak hits during an out) ; Big as a Grapefruit (Hit 10 home runs in one session) ; Feel The Road (Put 24 balls in play in one session).

This should be one of the easier Challenges of the year, so expect for 15+ million to win it!  Remember to stay back and wait on Sabathia’s breaking ball as he does not throw very hard anymore.  Good Luck!

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