This week it is Jose Altuve taking on Neftali Feliz.  The award will be a baseball signed by Brandon Phillips.

Tips: Try adjusting your camera in order to pick up the slider a bit easier.  You can edit your camera for COTW and I recommend offsetting the camera angle to the right. This will help yourself to get jammed, so you can stay back and hit the changeups and sliders from Feliz.

Feliz will throw 60% fastball (94-97 mph), 30% slider9(82-84 mph), and 10% changeup (81-83 mph).  Feliz also has a very high K/9, which will modify Altuve’s PCI.  However, Altuve will still have a fairly big PCI with his high contact and plate vision rating.   You cannot sit on fastball and expect to have a shot at this challenge.

Good luck to everyone and remember to share your scores with us!

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