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MLB 15 The Show Diamond Dynasty Legends: NL East


This will be Part 3 of the Diamond Dynasty Legend Reviews!  In this section I will be reviewing the NL East Legends. Hopefully you guys will enjoy the breakdown of these MLB 15 The Show Legends.

NL East

Atlanta Braves: SP Phil Niekro

Economics A: The Braves’ collection can be completed for under 10k.  This is a bargain.  Niekro is going for 50+k on the market.  It is a no brainer to do the Braves’ collection if you need a starting pitcher.

Performance A+: Niekro is one of the toughest pitchers to hit, period.  Knuckleballers are never easy to hit and you combine that with his attributes (H/9, K/9, and BB/9) and this easily makes Niekro one of the toughest pitchers to face.

Overall A+:  I highly recommend everyone to get Niekro.  He is one of the best 5 pitchers online to use and is very affordable.

Miami Marlins: Cliff Floyd

Economics A:  Marlins’ collection is 3-6k and this is a bargain, as well.  Floyd can be bought on the market for 15-20k, but it is much smarter to complete the collection.  You can also use guys like Neshek in your bullpen and Ozuna is a great right handed bat off the bench.

Performance B:  Floyd is actually the 3rd highest rated left fielder in the game.  He is a great power bat from the left side with solid contact, as well.  His defense is above average too.

Overall A-:  At the least, Floyd should be on your bench as a pinch hitter from the left side, but I’d recommend him as a starter unless you have Ted Williams, Michael Brantley, or Carlos Gonzalez.  He is a great bargain for the 3rd best Left Fielder in the game.

New York Mets: Tom Seaver

Economics B-: The Mets’ collection will run you anywhere from 30-40K.  Wright and Harvey can cost you 15-20k alone.  The one upside to completing this collection is that you will get some good solid starting pitchers, as well as, David Wright.  Wright hits left handed pitching extremely well!  Seaver can be obtained on the market for about the same price, so it is possible you can save a few stubs if you are not worried about completing collections.  If you are limited on stubs and need another SP then I recommend just completing the collection.

Performance A:  Seaver is one of the best pitchers in the game.  He has great ratings, but he performs even better on the mound.  He has a deceptive delivery with a 95-97 mph fastball, 77-79 mp changeup, and a curveball/slider combo that is just as nasty.  The one downside is that Seaver only has the one fastball, but it does have some decent movement.

Overall A-:  Overall, this is a solid addition to anyone’s rotation.  He is a bit pricey and ultimately it will be up to everyone if they want go with Seaver or someone else. I believe he is a bit better than Nolan Ryan and even Clayton Kershaw, but that is just my opinion.

Philadelphia Phillies: Mike Schmidt

Economics C+: Schmidt is somewhat expensive to obtain, whether it is through the Phillies’ collection or via the marketplace.  He will cost you 75-125k on the market and the Phillies’ collection can cost around 40-50k.  Utley, Hamels, and Lee will cost you about 30k alone.  However, adding Hamels and Lee to your rotation is not a bad thing.  Even Utley can make a solid 2b in Diamond Dynasty.

Performance B:  Schmidt is the best 3b to ever play the game and he is the highest rated player on the game, along with Trout and Cabrera.  I don’t really think he performs like one, however.  He has a lot of cold zones vs righties and from my time using him I would get jammed a lot or hit weak fly outs.  Remember you will mostly see right handed pitching, especially in DD where everyone can play the matchups out of their bullpen.  Personally, I only use Schmidt against left handed starters.  His contact is a bit too low for me and I would prefer someone like George Brett, Kyle Seager, or Chris Davis at 3b that hits left handed.

Overall B-:  Schmidt is still a solid player to go for, but I don’t think he plays like a 99. Regardless, the Phillies’ collection will add a lot of pitching to your team, but if you already have someone solid at 3b then I would not too worried about going for Schmidt.

Washington Nationals: Andre Dawson

Economics C+:  The only reason why this is not lower is due to the fact that Dawson can be obtained rather cheap on the market.  Right now he can be bought for 35k straight up and the bidding price is 27k.  The Nationals’ collection, however, is a different story.  This will easily cost you over 50k and it may even be more around 75k.  You will get some solid players along the way though.  Scherzer, Zimmerman, Strasburg, Harper, etc. would fill out someone’s roster very nicely.  This is only a smart collection to do, economically, if you are starting from scratch and want to fill your team with Nationals’ players.

Performance A-: He plays very similar to Winfield, albeit with a little bit better hitting.  He is definitely a great right fielder to have.  I have not faced him in DD not have I yet to use him either. Nonetheless, Dawson is a top 3 Right Fielder in the game due to his defense and hitting. 

Overall B-:  Overall he can be a solid player to obtain.  It really depends on where you guys are at with your DD team.  If you just want to add a good right fielder and you already have a stacked team then move on and go for Winfield or try to obtain Dawson via the market.  If you are starting from scratch and have a lot of stubs saved up then you may want to consider going for the Nats’ collection.

We hope you enjoyed our review;  if so please like, share and comment. Make sure you stay tuned in to Sports Gamers Online for our next MLB 15 The Show Diamond Dynasty Legends Review.

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