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MLB 15 The Show Diamond Dynasty Market Watch (May 25th-31st)

We are going to take a look at some players that may be getting upgrades/downgrades.  Most of these players are expecting to make that jump to a new card tier, so make sure you keep an eye on these players!  Keep in mind SDS is usually a week or two behind before they give out the upgrades and if a player I mention does not get an upgrade then be patient.  It may take a few weeks, but it is still smarter to buy them while they are cheap rather than waiting until the last second!  Also, make sure to snag these cards over the weekend since the market is usually a buyer’s market due to the weekly packs.  You can see the latest MLB 15 The Show roster changers at DaddyLeagues.

Players to watch

Jose Altuve-Altuve is right on the borderline to becoming a Diamond.  He was a bit lucky last year with a .360 BABIP, but his speed and ability to hit liners/groundballs helped that stat for sure.  The metrics suggest he is about where he should be at.  I personally don’t believe he will become a Diamond.

Dellin Betances- He is becoming the league’s best reliever.  He has a 13+ K rate with a 0 ERA.  In my opinion, he should become a Diamond.  I don’t know if SDS will upgrade him to a Diamond since he does not even close, but he will keep getting upgrades.  Invest now!  This may be the only Diamond reliever!

Jake Odorizzi- Tampa Bay needs some love!  They are one of the best pitching teams in MLB and are in first place.  Odorizzi is a big part of that.  Watch him for to possibly become a gold within the next few weeks if Tampa keeps playing well.

Brad Boxberger– He has been one of the leagues best closers and the metrics support this.  Look for him to get a 2-3+ upgrade and possibly becoming a gold down the road.

Michael Wacha-Wacha is in the same boat as Shelby Miller was.  The metrics show that Wacha is getting a bit lucky and win/loss does not mean much.  I still say he will become a gold, like Shelby Miller.  Despite his metrics, he is 7-0 with a sub 2 ERA.  Look for Wacha to become an 86 overall next week.

Kolten Wong- Wong is one of the league’s second basemen and the metrics support this arguement.  He should become an 85-86 overall within the next few weeks.

Jaime Garcia- Garcia has a chance to become a silver.  You may want to snag a few while they are dirt cheap.

Tim Lincecum– Metrics show he is getting a bit lucky, but nonetheless he has good base stats.  Look for him to jump up a point or two.

Joe Panik– Panik has been one of the better second basemens, but is still a bronze.  Metrics suggest he is not getting lucky either.  Look for Panik to keep hitting well in real life and to jump up to a silver 78-80 overall for next update.  He may become a gold eventually, but this won’t be for a few months.

Brad Ziegler- Arizona converted him to closer and he is doing very well.  He will go to a silver eventually.

Jhonny Peralta- Despite the recent upgrade, I still say Peralta has a good chance to become a gold.  He is one of the league’s best SS’s the past 2 years.  It may take a few weeks, but you can snag him while he is still cheap the next few days.

Jung-ho Kang– He is killing the ball and I expect him to start playing everyday at 3b/ss for Pittsburg.  He is similar to Peralta as he is a bigger SS with some power.  I expect him to up to a Silver.

Jimmy Parades- He just keeps improving and is still a bronze.  He is on his way to a Silver eventually.

Avisail Garcia- He is in the same boat as Parades.  Invest now while he is cheap.

Anthony Gose- He is still hitting .336.  I don’t see how his contact is not higher, despite if the metrics say he is getting lucky.  He is still very cheap, so there is no risk in buying a few.

Prince Fielder- Fielder is back to his 2011/2012 self.  He is absolutely killing the ball and needs even more hitting upgrades, despite his recent update.  This should knock him to an 86-87 overall within the next few weeks.

Gio Gonzalez-His ERA is inflated and he is pitching better now.  The metrics show that his ERA should be around a 3.  Buy him while he is cheap and in anticipation that he may drop even more.  This is more of a long term project, but I believe he will become a gold later on.


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