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MLB 15 The Show Diamond Dynasty Market Watch (May 11th-17th)

MLB 15_The_Show Diamond_Dynasty Market_Watch_May11

We are going to take a look at some players that may be getting upgrades/downgrades.  Most of these players are expecting to make that jump to a new card tier, so make sure you keep an eye on these guys!  Keep in mind SDS is usually a week or two behind before they give out the upgrades and if a player I mention does not get an upgrade then be patient.  It may take a few weeks, but it is still smarter to buy them while they are cheap rather than waiting until the last second!

Players to watch:

Bryce Harper- He has a decent chance at becoming a Diamond.  If Harper keeps it up they will increase his contact and power even more.  Harper is also a RF, so SDS should be updating his position as well and this should increase his overall by even more due to his arm strength.  A lot of people are anticipating this as well, so make sure to snag him up quickly before the price gets too high.

Anthony Gose– His card is very cheap and there is a legitimate chance he will get boosted to a silver due to his nice start.  He is hitting over .300 and his contact is only in the 50’s right now.  This is a low risk/low reward.

Jason Kipnis- He just got an upgrade to an 84 and if he keeps it up then there is no reason he will make that transition to a gold.  Invest now and take advantage of his cheaper price.

Matt Carpenter- There is no doubt he will become a gold.  He recently upgraded to an 84, so he is only 1 point away.   It is a just matter of time now.  He has an amazing start and his past three years with the Cardinals has been amazing.

Russell Martin- This is also a no doubter for me.  He is an 83 overall with mediocre hitting attributes.  Once they upgrade some of his hitting attributes then he will easily jump to a gold.

Devon Travis- It may take a few more weeks for Travis to get another upgrade, but he has been stellar.  The one thing holding him back is that SDS usually does not like to upgrade players this fast!

Michael Wacha– He has a solid start to his MLB career and to the 2015 season.  It is only a matter of time before he hits that 85-87 overall.

Jhonny Peralta-Peralta was the best SS in the league last year and is again a top 5 SS.  His defense, contact, and power are severely underrated.  With a few minimal upgrades to any of his attributes he will become a silver.  This is a cheap investment as well.

Kolten Wong- Similar to Travis, Wong has been tearing it up at the plate.  He is hitting for power, average, and getting on base.  The metrics show it is no fluke.  Expect a jump, but it may be a while before he hits gold.  Get him while he is cheap!

Marcus Semien- Simien has shown good power at the SS position and should definitely become a silver player soon.  Invest now while he is cheap!

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