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MLB 15 The Show Franchise Tips: How to Rebuild the Texas Rangers


The Texas Rangers are somewhat of an enigma.  They have proven veterans combined with young talent, yet they cannot simply win the past few years.  This year it looks like the injury bug has bit them again with Darvish being out for the year and now Profar.  Texas will have another down year again, but how should one go about rebuilding them?  How long will it take?

Here are some MLB 15 The Show Franchise Tips and steps in order to make the Rangers relevant like they were a few years ago.  Keep in mind these attributes are taken from OSFM opening day rosters, so these tips will be most applicable to those who use this roster!  Josh Hamilton is not on the Rangers for these rosters either, so please keep that in mind when reading the article and watching the video.

Be patient with your prospects!

Texas has a fairly good farm system.  The question is not if you should bring your prospects up but a matter of when should you bring them up and what should you train.

Profar is the only prospect they have with A potential, but all of the others have a B potential.   Profar is probably the only prospect you want to consider if he should stay up as his service clock already has started and he is MLB ready.  If you can stay in contention then I would definitely keep him.  If you want to tank the season then it may be wise to keep in AAA and have another year of control over him.  Personally, I like to focus on Profar’s defense and power for training.  His power or defense can increase +4/5 points a year if you train one.  If you plan to keep Profar at second then focus on power and if you want to move him to one of his secondary positions (SS, 3B,) then focus on defense.  Profar will be hit 90 overall in about 4 years.

This is a look at Profar in the 1st season compared to three years down the road:

Profar 22Profar 24

Joey Gallo is the most talented prospect they have with a B potential and 95+ power.  He will develop into 99 power before the first season.  Do no train power with him. Gallo needs training the most in either fielding, contact, or plate vision.  It really depends if you plan on trying to resign Beltre or if you want to trade him!  It really does not make sense to bring him up the first season either, unless you are in contention.  Then he will be an obvious choice at DH.

Try to be careful and patient with Gallo.  In the video I called him up right away and it slowed down his progression.  He can either turn into an Adam Dunn or a Jim Thome type of player depending on how you handle his progression.

Here is Gallo in 2015 compared to 2017:

Gallo 21 Gallo 23

Rougned Odor can be a valuable player at second base.  He has a B potential and focus on training his contact, since his fielding is already up to par for second base.  He has no secondary positions, so you should only play him at 2b.  In 2-3 years, Odor will be an 80+ overall 2b with 75-78 contact vs right handed pitching.  He is ready to play at the MLB level, but it is not a priority to rush him!  This will allow you to play Profar at SS or 3b.

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