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MLB 15 The Show Patch 1.05 & 1.06

MLB® 15 The Show™_20150611235307

SCEA released a new MLB 15 The Show patch for both consoles. Here are the patch notes for MLB 15 The Show PS3 patch 1.06 and PS4 patch 1.05:

1. Ball boy would, in rare situations, field fair balls in play that hit the 3rd base bag. This has been addressed.
2. Fixed Online gameplay exploit/soft lock related to the options button and down on the D-pad.
3. Addressed a rare hang issue with the Universal Profile/Marketplace collection storage. This could happen with large amount of items in your inventor when performing screen to screen navigation, including marketplace and universal profile.
4. Rare Road to the Show training points issue fixed, when quitting out of a Practice Session from the RTTS SCHEDULE screen.

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