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MLB 15 The Show Roster Update (5/25-5/30)

There were many other updates, but these were the top 20 players.  Please see the Video below for exact attribute changes

Key roster updates:

Craig Kimbrel 96-94
Bryce Harper 90-94
Robinson Cano 96-93
Troy Tulowitzki 96-93
Nelson R. Cruz 88-90
Dee Gordon 86-89
Jason Kipnis 84-87
Freddie Freeman 84-87
Andrelton Simmons 88-87
Todd Frazier 84-87
Shelby Miller 83-87
Russell Martin 83-86
Matt Carpenter 84-86
Kyle Seager 87-85
Ryan Braun 84-85
Anibal Sanchez 85-84
Ian Desmond 86-84
Alex Gordon 84-85
Edwin Encarnacion 86-84
Prince Fielder 82-84
Chris Davis 85-84
Jeff Samardzija 84-83
Brandon Crawford 79-83
Jason Hammel 78-82
Jose Iglesias 78-82
Matt Kemp 85-82
Ubaldo Jimenez 76-81

This week’s challenge of the week includes Joe Mauer vs Koji Uehara.  There is no prize for this week.

Tip: Stay back on Koji’s splitter and try to drive everything up the middle or opposite field.  Koji does not throw very hard and Mauer has great contact and plate vision.  Do not be afraid to use contact the entire time.

MLB15_The_Show_Roster_Update_5-25-15 MLB15_The_Show_Roster_Update_5-25-15-2


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