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MLB 15 The Show Tips:  Zone Hitting 101 and Hitting Approaches


Are you struggling at the plate? Are you in that slump we all go through?  Well here I will show you how I hit with the zone hitting interface and some approaches you guys can use your own.  Hopefully these MLB 15 The Show Tips will juice up your run production and give you the edge on your friends!

I have had a lot of online and offline experiences.  All of these tips and approaches I share can be applicable for both online and offline.  In all honestly, online it is easier to hit because most humans become predictable.  However, you can use all of these tips I give you for your offline hitting, regardless of your difficulty settings.


First thing’s first….practice makes perfect….right?  I wonder how many of you guys have had actually took advantage of the practice mode?  Anyways it is a great way to get some good swings in and refine your approaches.  First tip….USE THE PRACTICE MODES.  There is bat control, plate discipline and good at bats.  I recommend plate control the most since it helps with your timing and PCI placement.


Secondly, make sure you have a good hitting camera.  This can make a huge difference.  Most people will just stick with the default camera and have never even tried some of the others.  Experiment and see which ones you like.  The more zoomed you are the better you can read strikes/balls.  Trust me it makes a difference.  Something else to keep in mind is make sure you are eye level with the pitcher’s delivery, so adjust your TV and chair/couch.  Do not sit too low or too high or it will affect your ability to read pitches.  I recommend a nice office chair and if you cannot afford that then try a lounge chair.


Third, put your TV in game mode or spend a little money to get a better TV suited for video games.  I use a 24 inch BenQ.  Anything over 24 inches and there will be input lag (means you have more time to react).  Again make sure you have a good setup.  Don’t sit your TV too high or on the ground either.


Fourth, try out some analog extenders like Kontrol FreeksThey help with you literally everything in the game.  Not only do they help with grip, but they allow you to be more accurate with your PCI when hitting.  It may take some time to get used to them, but they will only benefit you in the long run.  Do some research to see what you may want. I recommend using the CQC Kontrol Freeks.


Next…have a game plan when you go up to the plate.  Take pitches early on, especially with no runners on.  Mix it up when you swing first pitch or when you are taking.  Sometimes I win games due to patience alone.  You don’t need good plate discipline to be patient.  Anyone can set their controller down and see pitches.  I recommend while taking pitches to practice putting your PCI on the ball with your Left Stick.  This way you are killing two birds with one stone.   Other than that, know your situations.  Do not be afraid to use contact swing if you have a runner on 3rd less than 2 outs and it is a key run.


Lastly, MOVE YOUR PCI!!!  You will never get better by never moving your PCI aka “center swinging”.  I am not saying to never center swing, but your opponents (good ones) will pick up on your tendencies and not throw you anything to hit.  You may get lucky here and there and get mistakes, but this is not a consistent approach.  Move your PCI up/down and inside/outside based on your opponent’s pitching tendencies, your strengths, and their strengths.  If the count is 2-0…don’t look for some changeup down and away.  Look for a pitch that you can do some damage with (Inside fastball or hanging curve).  I see so many solid players limit themselves online because they are afraid to move their PCI and mix it up!  You will only get better in the long run if you start moving your PCI.  Trust me.

Stay tuned to Sports Gamers Online for more MLB 15 The Show Tips.  I hope these tips helped and be sure to share and comment below!  Good luck out there!

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