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MLB 15 The Show Weekly Wrap Up: CoTW 7, Server maintenance & Roster Update 5.11

Weekly server maintenance occurred Monday morning for the roster update and new challenge of the week. This week’s challenge of the week is Adam Jones vs Mark Buehrle.  There is no prize for this week. It may take 30+ million to win this week.  Be sure to wait back on Buehrle’s off speed pitches.  Allow yourself to be late on his fastball.  Power swing early until you get to Veteran/All Star in order to complete the bonus for 10 home runs.

Notable Roster upgrades/downgrades:

Matt Harvey now Diamond at 94 from 91
Zack Greinke 89-92
Robinson Cano 94-95
Stephen Strasburg 91-90
Mashario Tanaka 91-90
Cole Hamels 88-87
Eric Hosmer 82-85
Andrelton Simmons 84-88
Matt Holliday 83-84
Matt Carpenter 83-84
Shelby Miller 80-83
Carlos Gonzalez 85-82
Victor Martinez 85-82
Devon Travis 78-82
Mike Moustakas 75-78
Jeurys Familia 78-80
Derek Norris 78-80
Stephen Vogt to 78-80
Adam Lind to 77-80
Michael Pineda 77-81
Jason Kipinis 82-84
Torii Hunter 78-79


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