Sony San Diego streamed MLB 16 The Show on Twitch yesterday and did a deep dive of Showtime and Road to the Show modes. Here are the key takeaways from the stream below and we have the first part of the video above. You can find the entire playlist here.

  • New Batting Angle called “Fisheye”
  • Scouts look for timing, contact, distance on hits with 20/80 scale
  • 20/80 scale IS in Franchise mode
  • Errors, range all judged in Scout Day
  • ShowTime will be optional
  • Anthony Rizzo is going to be one of the player reps
  • “big moments” will be a focus of RTTS, like when player steps onto field for first time, etc.
  • Advance Next Day feature is only on Playstation 4
  • Level up attributes like in ’15 but Perks are new, hard to unlock the most powerful
  • ShowTime will be hard to earn and won’t be available all the time
  • During load screens you can see different info by hitting L1/R1
  • Faster load times
  • Perks is on the PS3 as well as PS4
  • ShowTime bar regenerates like energy
  • 600+ new animations this year. Out of Position logic and animations will be discussed in future streams
  • Lots of new dives, pre-pitch dives that will be discussed later. 100s are recorded.
  • Hot / cold players are shown on load screens
  • EvoShield, Oakley & All Star are the 3 new Equipment options.
  • No bench clearing brawls per MLB
  • ShowTime for pitchers. Pitcher (hold R2) focus in, Can throw precision pitch (infrequently)
  • More first/last names added to RTTS for your player
  • no face scan capability for Road to the Show
  • ShowTime is R2, Dive is R1.
  • ShowTime has an “off” option = don’t have to use it
  • Devs will track if people use it or turn it off.
  • Devs will try to get a transaction log into RTTS this year.
  • More equipment + ritual items in RTTS, more mysterious stuff will be revealed at a later date.
  • Market will be the same for Road to the Show BUT lots of new stuff will be revealed
  • New dynamic difficulty slider
  • 32 Total Perks
  • cost of Perks will likely change, work in progress
  • Ambient yells and chants come out of the PlayStation controller’s speakers in The Show 16
  • Tuesday’s stream will be about gameplay
  • Player edit screen will now show that player’s uniform

Thanks to MLBtheShowTips  for this info!

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