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MLB The Show 16 Developer Video Details New Features

mlb the show 16-new details

In a new video uploaded by IGN earlier today, developer Ramone Russell of Sony San Diego runs through the teaser trailer for the game which debuted at PlayStation Experience earlier this month.

The first update described in the video is that all appropriate stadiums will now have the option to be played with the roof open or closed in exhibition and online mode. When you play Franchise and Road to the Show, the weather will determine whether or not you’ll be playing with the roof open.

Another change which will serve to make the game look better is physically based rendering, which makes objects and surfaces look more real. The example given in the video was that wood will look more like wood, and glass will look more like glass.

For a small change in gameplay, MLB The Show 16 will introduce a new feature called showtime, which is effectively slow motion at designated moments in order to allow for more precise control. It’s also optional, which is a nice touch for those uninterested in slowing things down.

MLB The Show 16 will also include hundreds of new animations, like home run swings, pitcher reactions, double plays, diving and throwing. There are also three new running styles, small, athletic and lumbering.

The biggest additions this time around, however, are a couple of new modes. Conquest, which is apparently so large that it couldn’t be covered in that trailer, as well as an unnamed mode that will be revealed at a later date. Several classic stadiums will also make their return; Forbes Field, Shibe Park, Sportsman Park, Polo Grounds, Crosley Field, and Griffith Park. These ones are referred to as being free, so we might see some additional classic stadiums as DLC somewhere down the line, though it isn’t specified in the video.

Finally, there were also six new legends revealed in the trailer, but more are on the way. All of the legends from last year will also be making a return. Two new Diamond Dynasty card types will be available as well, Rookie and Prime.

That about covers the new information from the video, but I’d also recommend watching the video above. What do you think of these features, are you excited to pick up MLB The Show 16 come March? Let us know in the comments and on social media.

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