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MLB The Show 16 Diamond Dynasty New Features Detailed Breakdown

MLB The Show 16 Diamond Dynasty Detailed Breakdown

San Diego Studios finally revealed their Vlog on the new diamond dynasty in The Show 16.  The stream, which will cover a lot more, will take place on Feb. 18 2016 (this Thursday). Anyways here are some of the new features confirmed within The Show 16’s Diamond Dynasty.

New Features Confirmed:

Play with Friends

Anyways, the first thing we notice is the Play with friends feature.  This is a must have for every ultimate team mode now.  This was a huge disappointment that it was not implemented for MLB 15 The Show, so if anything this is somewhat of a relief.  However, I am still excited about the feature and as a streamer it is even more awesome!  We can finally play against viewers in Diamond Dynasty and we can also play against our relatives and friends at ease!

Created Player is back

With all the new flashbacks and legends announced…this is something I am not particulary excited to see. I saw the star tab in the lineup menu, plus this feature was already confirmed on twitter by Ramone.

I really wanted to see this removed or rehauled.  Well it is not removed, but hopefully we learn more about this on Thursday’s stream.  I am hoping there are caps and limitations to the player you create and the training is alot more difficult.  I just hope we see more substance to this aspect in Diamond Dynasty.

Inside Edge

Inside Edge has partnered with MLB The Show and we will see daily changes to live players’ cards (not flashbacks or legends). At the main menu in Diamond Dynasty, you’ll see which players were impacted and you can click on their player cards with a small explanation on why their overall changed.  This is based off real life matchups for that day and is a “projection” for how that player will perform.  Those who play fantasy baseball should understand this concept right away.

Your lineup and roster will change not only weekly with the base roster update, but it will change daily!  This is awesome and should even have a bigger impact on the marketplace.  I can appreciate how SDS innovates and strides to be different from other ultimate team modes.


These were already confirmed in a trailer breakdown from SDS back in December.  Well now we know even more.  There will be rookie, prime, and postseason flashbacks.  This, again, will a lot of depth to Diamond Dynasty and we will see a lot of different lineups with all the possible combinations of flashbacks.


Collections are back, but now with a twist.  We have missions now.  This means we can work towards certain statistical accolades and milestones.  This can be done with invididual players’ stats, collections, logging in during a special event, or acquiring special cards that kick off a mission. They also mentioned that a lot of the flashbacks and special cards can only be obtained via missions.  I imagine we will learn more about this Thursday.  Regardless, it will add another layer to Diamond Dynasty and give us a lot more to grind for!


Captains is another version of the XP leveling system in MLB The Show.  As you play any mode this year, you will earn XP and Tickets toward one of six “Captains” of your choosing. Each Captain is an MLB superstar with a dynamic offering of prizes you can redeem with the Tickets you earn. Which prizes you are able to redeem depends on your XP level with each of the Captains, so you’ll have plenty of leveling to do before you’ve reached maximum prize potential.

Additionally, each of the Captains has his own unique Mission that incentivizes you to play with a roster featuring players with certain traits. Playing with these types of players means faster progress towards his prizes, and may even be a hint as to what types of prizes might become available.

Many unique cards will only be acquirable through a certain Mission, a certain Captain, or some other route. And many of the missions and their rewards will be hidden, waiting for someone to discover and reveal them for the first time.

Now I am not sure if we have to use these Captains on our team or not, but I’d imagine that is a possibility.  We may also have to obtain the captains before we can start leveling up that specific captain.  I also assess that this may be the only way to unlock some of the old legends they are bringing back from MLB 15 The Show.

We still have a lot to learn about this year’s MLB The Show 16 Diamond Dynasty and we will do another breakdown of the stream this Thursday!  See you then!

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