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MLB The Show 16 Features: Sounds of the Show, COTW 3.0 and More!

mlb the show 16 sounds of the show

The latest MLB The Show 16 stream from developers San Diego Studio focused on the smaller features this time around. A couple notable things they talked about include the return of Sounds of the Show and Challenge of the Week. Let’s get into it.


The first thing on the list, and probably the biggest, is the return of Sounds of the Show. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Sounds of the Show, but it’s finally back this year in MLB The Show 16. Unfortunately, it’s PS4 only. It won’t be returning for the PS3 version of the game. Music customization is always fun, so this is a feature that I’m happy to see return.

Year-to-Year saves is also returning, which means you’ll be able to move your saves from 15 to 16. Pretty standard stuff for The Show, but cool to know anyway. During the stream they also discussed Challenge of the Week 3.0, and how it’s changing with this installment.

There will be new leaderboard options, allowing players to turn the leadersboards on or off as well as switch between friends, current leaders and live leaders. Bonuses are also now listed in the pause menu, so you can check your progress by pausing the game. There will also be new OSDs and weekly prizes. Prizes will now be out to more than one player a week, and digital prizes can be earned more than once.


For the PS4, we’ll be getting opened and closed roofs on the stadiums that offer the option. We’ve heard a bit about this previously, but it’s still coming. There will also be additional uniform lettering for names, new branded equipment, new accessories, and new hair choices for players. All of these things are exclusive to the PS4 version, including new tutorials, which seems a bit odd.

There are plenty of additions to commentary as well, but the team at San Diego Studios promises we’ll find out more about those in the future when they do a press stream. As usual, we’ll keep you posted as we move toward the game’s release next month. So what did you think of this stream? Let us know in the comments.

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