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MLB The Show Tips:  How to Use Each Pitching Interface


This guide will show you walk you through pros and cons of each of the pitching interfaces in MLB The Show.  Remember that each person may just simply prefer one interface over another.  I am not trying to persuade anyone to use a specific interface, rather I am just trying to give my opinions and personal experiences with each one!

Let me bring it up again.  PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.  Take advantage of practice mode to experiment with the interfaces, different pitchers, and settings.  If you want to bump up your pitching difficulty from All Star to HOF you may want to go into practice and try it out first.

Classic Pitching Interface – I consider this to be the most “sim”, but it also requires the least amount of user input.  These interfaces goes directly off your pitching attributes such as; H/9, BB/9, K/9, individual pitch control, break, and velocity.  The only input you have on classic is when you are pitching the ball.  You can hold down “X” to try for more velocity/break, but it will be less accurate.  If you tap “X” you will have more accuracy, but less break/velocity.  This interface is recommended for either offline sim results or online leagues with sim settings.  I don’t recommend this for competitive play.

Pulse Pitching Interface – I consider this one to be another low risk/low reward interface.  The goal is simple for this interface.  Try to minimize the pulsating circle as much as possible for the most accuracy.  The ball will go anywhere in your final circle, so if you expand it all the way it can literally go anywhere.  Again, I don’t recommend this for online, unless you are completely struggling with Analog or Meter.  One key advantage these interface has is that it makes it easier to hold runners and your “bunt dancers” online will not affect your accuracy.  Classic and Pulse both allow you to execute your interface before the pitch is released, thus making it easier to hold runners.  A big disadvantage for both of these interfaces is the fact you have little to no control of how hard you want to pitch the ball.

Meter Pitching interface – This interface is probably the most used.  It has been used since MVP created it back in 2003.  It allows you to have the most control over break and velocity.  If you want to get some more heat on your fastball or a little more break on your breaking balls this interface allows you to do so.  The drawback is that it becomes increasingly difficult to control your pitches once you try to increase your velocity and break.  This is why I consider it a medium risk/high reward.  I definitely don’t consider meter to be that difficult, hence why I put “medium risk”.  Keep in mind, input lag can affect your precision on meter pitching.  So make sure your TV is in game mode or try a smaller TV.  Also, be aware that the online “bunt dancers” can affect your timing with the meter and it is a bit more difficult to hold runners.  These are minor drawbacks to me, however.   I definitely recommend this interface if you are familiar with how it works.

Analog Pitching Interface – This is my most preferred interface.  I consider it to be high risk/very high reward.  If you get good with analog pitching then you can pin point. Of course, it takes a lot of practice.  What I did to get good with Analog pitching was I made a RTTS Pitcher and I only used Analog.  I also got Kontrol Freeks for more grip and it has helped as well. This interface also does not punish you if you miss your spot.  If you set your ball marker to throw inside and you completely miss and hit the outside corner then the pitch will still go that outside corner.  Unlike other interfaces, if you messed up your interface execution then the ball can randomly go anywhere.  Press the Analog up faster for more break and velocity.   This interface will probably take the most time to learn.  Some are a little bit better with using the Analog, while others it takes awhile.  Practice, practice, and practice!!!

I hope these MLB The Show Tips have helped some of you.  Remember to give them all try.  You will never know if you don’t like a certain interface unless you try it!  If you have anything to add or would like to just comment, please do so!

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