MLB Mondays

MLB Mondays is back and looks to cover the changes coming to the Franchise mode in MLB The Show 17. In Franchise mode, San Diego Studio looks to change the way we play by adding quicker, more impactful gameplay experiences. You can do all this while still maintaining control over your team.

Franchise Mode

Below are just a few things we can expect coming to the revamped Franchise mode.

Critical Situations

This new feature allows players to drop right into late game deciding moments instantly.

  • Prompted during game simulation, players can choose to skip or play
  • Includes situations like walk offs at bat
  • In addition, there are lighter situations like statistical milestones like hitting 3 home-runs in one game. During these situations, players will be locked to that athlete to complete that milestone.
Player Lock

If that style of play is preferable, player lock will also be available as a way to play through the entire season.

  • Players will be able to lock onto their favorite athletes and advance through the season.
Quick Manage

Another new way to play has been added in addition to Critical Situations and Player Lock features.

  • Quick Manage is a text based simulation.
  • Players take control over in game managerial decisions and advance through at bat situations at the touch of a button.
  • Also, the option to jump into the game and take control will be available; players can jump back and forth as much as they like.

Watch the full video here. That’s all we got from MLB Mondays; be sure to watch the Twitch stream coming March 9. And be sure to pick up MLB The Show 17 March 28.

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