San Diego Studio (SDS) released another huge content update for MLB The Show 18 Diamond Dynasty today. This update includes changes to roster attributes, over a dozen new cards, a new event and more. Here’s a complete breakdown.

Today’s roster update features attribute upgrades and downgrades, as well as team changes as a result of recent trades or signings. Below are some of the major attribute changes.

  • Jose Ramirez, Indians 3B – 87 to 88
  • Jacob DeGrom, Mets SP – 87 to 88
  • Gerrit Cole, Astros SP – 84 to 85
  • Starling Marte, Pirates CF – 81 to 83
  • Kenta Maeda, Dodgers SP – 78 to 80
  • Matt Carpenter, Cardinals 3B – 76 to 80
  • Seranthony Dominguez, Phillies CP – 76 to 78
  • Wilmer Flores, Mets 1B – 75 to 77
  • Anibal Sanchez, Braves SP – 73 to 76
  • Maikel Franco, Phillies 3B – 74 to 76
  • Marco Gonzales, Mariners SP – 70 to 76
  • Jack Flaherty, Cardinals SP – 73 to 76
  • Miguel Andujar, Yankees 3B – 72 to 75
  • Jeremy Jeffress, Brewers RP – 72 to 75
  • Craig Stammen, Padres RP – 72 to 75
  • Stephen Piscotty, Athletics RF – 74 to 75
  • Ian Desmond, Rockies 1B – 72 to 74
  • Brian Anderson, Marlins RF – 67 to 72
  • Jonathan Holder, Yankees RP – 66 to 71
  • Bryce Harper, Nationals RF – 88 to 87
  • Corey Kluber, Indians SP – 89 to 87
  • Stephen Strasburg, Nationals SP – 87 to 85
  • Wade Davis, Rockies RP – 81 to 78
  • Eric Hosmer, Padres 1B – 82 to 78
  • Carlos Santana, Phillies 1B – 80 to 78
  • Cole Hamels, Cubs SP – 78 to 76
  • Julio Teheran, Braves SP – 75 to 74
  • Jake McGee, Rockies RP – 75 to 72

You can find all of this week’s changes here.

Next, a new event is open. The Road to Cooperstown Event is features legend, bronze and common players only. Games are three innings long, and there is no strike zone display. This event The exclusive event reward is 94 overall All-Star legend Alan Trammell. Earn him by racking up 30 cumulative wins. His ratings are below.

The Diamond Dynasty market is welcoming 13 new legends and flashback cards today. All of these cards are obtainable by either opening packs, going 12-0 in battle royale or buying from the marketplace. They are below.

  • Victor Martinez, Diamond 87 OVR, All-Star Flashback, Cleveland Indians C
  • Phil Niekro, Diamond 85 OVR, All-Star Legend, Atlanta Braves SP
  • Carter Capps, Diamond 85 OVR, Breakout Flashback, Miami Marlins RP
  • Ryan Zimmerman, Diamond 85 OVR, All-Star Flashback, Washington Nationals 3B
  • Carson Smith, Gold 83 OVR, Rookie Flashback, Seattle Mariners RP
  • Kyle Seager, Gold 83 OVR, All-Star Flashback, Seattle Mariners 3B
  • A.J. Ramos, Gold 82 OVR, Breakout Flashback, Miami Marlins CP
  • Edinson Volquez, Gold 81 OVR, Rookie Flashback, Cincinnati Reds SP
  • Drew Smyly, Gold 80 OVR, Breakout Flashback, Detroit Tigers RP
  • Peter Bourjos, Gold 80 OVR, Breakout Flashback, LA Angels CF
  • Kevin Siegrist, Gold 80 OVR, Breakout Flashback, St. Louis Cardinals RP
  • Lance Lynn, Gold 80 OVR, All-Star Flashback, St. Louis Cardinals SP
  • Rougned Odor, 80 OVR, Breakout Flashback, Texas Rangers 2B

Additionally, Set 11 is now available in packs. Diamond flashack Matt Harvey (91 overall) is the new set exclusive card. His ratings are below.

Two new diamonds were also added to the ticket counter. Flashback Kyle Schwarber (85 overall) and Dave Winfield (94 overall) cost 2,450 and 8,000 tickets, respectively. Their ratings are below.

Lastly, battle royale rewards have been boosted. You’ll still earn exclusive cards for going 12-0 in a single run, but the wins rewards have changed for the better. The new reward system is below.

  • 3 wins: 1 silver player (75-79 overall)
  • 6 wins: 1 gold player (80-84 overall)
  • 9 wins: 1 diamond player (85-87 overall)
  • 12 wins: 1 diamond player (88+ overall)

You can read more about all of the new content here.

What do you think of today’s roster update? Are you excited for the new event? Which of the new cards do you need on your team right away? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to SGO.

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