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NBA 2K Tips: Crossover Dribble Guide

Are you tired of centers locking you up? Are you just looking for some combo’s to use at the park? This guide will you getting to the hoop and scoring buckets with ease!

As you watch this video pay attention to the following:

1. Space between me and the defender.
2. The defender’s feet.
3. How I force the defender to cut me off.
4. How I wait to see how my defender reacts as I’m not spamming the RS.

The main take away is this all moves regardless of animations work, when you get locked up most of the time it’s because you’re playing way to fast you need to slow down and read the defender, also you need to mix it up and attack with different moves in different directions due to Adaptive AI. Here’s an example of me attacking CPU defenders in a offline game because the user played off ball defense.

Please use the rewind feature and PRACTICE! My videos are meant to be replayed as they are a study guide, but you’ll never get the skill unless you actually practice. If you enjoyed these NBA  Tips be sure to sub to my YouTube channel and check SGO daily for new tips and guides.

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