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2K Sports has revealed that the 2016 Rookie of the Year Karl-Anthony Towns will appear as the cover athlete for MyNBA2K17, the mobile companion app for NBA 2K17.

The Minnesota Timberwolves’ young star had this to say about the honor: “I’ve been a dedicated NBA 2K fan since I was young, and being selected as the face of MyNBA2K17 is an incredible milestone this early in my career. Playing MyNBA2K and NBA2K is an essential part of my offseason and keeps me grounded during the season with all my travel. I love that I will have the opportunity to connect further with my fans through MyNBA2K17.”

MyNBA2K17 is launching September 8 for iOS and Android.

The app connects players with the console experience of NBA 2K17. MyNBA2K17 includes a collectible NBA 2K themed card game and MyTEAM Mobile–a feature that allows players to collect NBA player cards and legends to challenge others across the world in quick games. Season tournaments and weekly special events like Rivals Clash and Road to the Championship are also on offer.

MyNBA2K17 is introducing new facial simulation technology, enabling players to transfer a visual rendering of their face to the console game through a mobile device.

Players can also earn daily Virtual Currency in-app that can be used in NBA 2K17, pick and win mini-games while leveraging live NBA game stats, shop for console items from the MyPlayer store, buy and sell cards on the Auction house, and watch 2KTV on their mobile devices.

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